How to Ask a Girl Out on the Phone? Here is the Right Way to Ask a Girl Out on the Phone

Asking a girl out is a very personal experience for both the girl and the boy, needless to say that it should be done in person. However, if you want to ask your girl out on the phone due to certain compulsions then follow these seven tips/steps.

Know her well

You can’t obviously call a girl that does not know you. Therefore the first step is to get a formal introduction. Ask a mutual friend to introduce you. Engage call girls in karachi in polite conversation in which you impress her with your wit and humor. If you are able to obtain her phone number that much the better.

Opportune moment

When you call her do not broach the topic of going out at the beginning of the phone conversation. Talk about other things in a casual manner for some time. Once she is comfortable then casually ask if she would like to spend the evening on the coming Friday doing something she likes with you.

Keep it friendly

The suggestion that she goes out with you should be friendly, delivered in a warm tone. Do not pressure her into taking a decision right away. Instead tell her that she can think about it and call you back.

Plan a simple date

You only want to go out with her and therefore do not suggest something that sounds like a romantic date. As you are asking her for the first time, a visit to the museum or the bookstore or a ball game should be fine.

Increase her comfort level

To increase her comfort level you may suggest that the place you are going will have other people that she knows. This should do the trick and she will readily agree if the venue you are suggesting sounds interesting.

Tell her the reason

Give her a genuine reason as to why you are calling on the phone and asking her out instead of doing it in person. However, don’t be apologetic about it. Tell her that you wanted to do it in person but either her or your busy day prevented you from doing it.

Time your call to perfection

Make sure that when you call she is in a good mood and has sufficient time to think over your offer. Calling during rush hours like during working hours or during school hours will not be appreciated and will also not get you the desired results.


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