Expanded Consciousness – Awakening the Christ Within

The Bible, as we may know, represents symbolised analogies as a means of Self-realization; biblically phrased, this means coming upon [our] full humanity or developing expanded consciousness. By internalizing scriptural “Jesus” as an inward process rather that an outward, we eternalize Christ Nature as our everyday functioning consciousness — facilitating conscious awareness of our soul’s unbounded eternal status.

For example, when decoded beyond their literal interpretation, the following two verses are indicative of the process of soul disentanglement from generational conditioning thereby allow experiencing through expanded or cosmic consciousness.

For, in their literal dogmatized format — and associated understandings — these and similar scriptures, from an instructional standpoint, make absolutely no sense whatsoever. But, when decoded esoterically – non-literally – their kernel revelation, spiritually speaking, is truly life-changing. The pivotal point in who is jesus both these scriptures is the vital interpretive understanding formulated around the two “I”s, for they are not one and the same as presented:

“And I, if I be lifted up from this earth, shall draw all men unto me”. John 12.32 KJV – and,

“Where I go you cannot come, but I go to prepare a place for you”. John 13.36.

Now compare the same two scriptures paraphrased (in brackets).

“And I, (eternally-existing consciousness) shall draw all men (divine manifestation) unto me (Christ consciousness lived spontaneously”), [on condition that] if I (lower-self ego) be lifted up from this earth (raising our consciousness from the quagmire of “sin” nature).

“Where I go (Transcendence) you (material world / conditioned lower ego / duality) cannot come, [due to] (non-purified aspect of soul) but I go (process of ego becoming crucified) to prepare (integration or neutralizing of past karmic patterns) a place (state of purified consciousness) for you (experiential eternal Christ nature”).

In both scriptures, John is saying: if [our] lower “I” ego conditioning becomes integrated by means of [our] higher “I” thus, [our] consciousness, on becoming raised — rather than the recurring lower suffering nature — shall manifest (live / create) from that Higher spiritual domain of love, peace and spiritual abundance.

Like so many of scripture’s coded verses, the previous two are indicative of an inner process: that of raising lower-self “I” by means of Higher Self “I” [in meditation] thus leading to purification of embedded subconscious “sin” content; in other words, residual karmic patterns becoming neutralized forever resulting in pure or expanded consciousness.

It should be emphasised that the Higher Christ “I” which raises our consciousness already exists within each person, but, that, we come upon it consciously.

Crucifying the Ego

The Bible’s coded message is primarily of journeying within [consciousness] through personal daily meditation, which, at practical level, is about ego Crucifixion — surrendering identification with the false ego persona unto inner transmutational silence.

In this stillness, we’re not looking or asking for something materially, rather, becoming empty of such; for, intuitively we sense that we’ve each incurred varying amounts of subconscious emotional baggage — attachments to the material world (false gods) — which necessary detachment purification is impossible for lower-ego to perform, hence — by way of stillness-silence — the introduction of light or awareness into the deeper mind.

Psalm 46-10 puts it: “be still and know that I (eternally-existing consciousness or Christ within) am God”- scripture is reminding us to achieve this divine status within our own consciousness through conscious inward endeavour as opposed to persuasive outer conditioning.

Like a line drawn in water as opposed to stone, on gaining purity of expanded consciousness, new or subsequent sensory impressions — on the surface mind and nervous system — fail to cling for future re-enactment, fail to register as compulsive desire-seeds. Thus the soul’s eternal Christ nature is lived in unbounded bliss-consciousness.

Transcendence and Altered States of Consciousness

Scriptural readings indeed feed the mind beautifully, but, primarily intellectually. Thus, it’s vital we mature into comprehension of scriptures’ message non-literally otherwise we remain anchored in static historical narrative without authentic understanding of the transcendental nature of direct perception of eternal Being within our own consciousness – as intended by scriptures’ enlightened authors.

While left-side brain thrives on facts, figures and historical analysis and analogies, (that’s its job) fulfillment of the Heart transcendentally requires entering into naturally-induced altered states of consciousness by way of right brain activity. Such journeying from left to right side brain facilitates — through opening the pineal gland in the brain — direct experience of our divine or cosmic nature. Here “cosmic” simply means all-inclusive, universal, unbounded or expanded consciousness – full humanity.

Biblical compositions are not intended as precise chronological history of people and events of distant eras, rather instructional [to the reader] of going within our deeper consciousness whereby “revelation” [of the divine] becomes actual reality.

Awakening the [biblical] inner Christ

Biblical “Jesus” esoterically means “process” or Way of knowing transcendental Christ [nature] within [our] consciousness. In practical terms, the title “Jesus” refers to stilling the conscious mind (as in “Jesus” calms the lake) by way of personal meditation, thereby preparing the consciousness (“I go before you”) for the coming [of Christ nature], or, direct realization of eternality-awareness within our own expanded cosmic consciousness, while on earth.



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